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LA Members Sat Night Cabaret - entry B4 1AM only
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LA Members Sat Night Cabaret - entry B4 1AM only
Prepare to enter a world of pure decadence. At its core, LA Members is a place to entertain and be entertained. With a diverse range of enticing performers and unforgettable acts across numerous stages – this is a new Club night like no other! LA Members Erotic Cabaret every Friday & Saturday from 10pm till 5am
10 High Street - , W5 5DB London, United Kingdom



Set in the heart of Ealing , for a night of erotic performance shows and a variety of entertainment visit LA Members club . LA Members is open Friday and Saturday night offering erotic shows to entertain both men and women . There will be no striptease on Friday & Saturday nights , The entertainment is erotic shows by the finest performers from Soho's infamous venues in the west end If you would like to experience Ultra Erotic Entertainment on a whole new level, then LA Members club will surely blow you away. LA Members club boasts a diverse range of never before experienced live entertainment for guests who appreciate and are passionate about the arts and erotic entertainment. It creates a welcoming environment promoting inclusivity in an intimate and contemporary performance space. If you're looking to really explore new territory or if you're already familiar with this kind of entertainment, then there are great events to be found right here in Ealing . Visit for more information about what type of event is happening and when. This is a fabulous way to explore your wildest, naughtiest desires in a safe and respectful atmosphere among the international sexual elite. *This is a member's only club and you will be required to become a temporary member to attend the venue. You will then be offered a complete membership by email. NO ID NO ENTRY • STRICTLY MEMBER ONLY WE WILL BE OPEN FRIDAY 15TH MARCH 2019 from 10pm till late To register for membership visit us Prepare to enter a world of pure decadence. At its core, LA Members remains a place to entertain and be entertained. With a timeless combination of comfort, glamour and intimacy, the Club continually strives to create an atmosphere that is as unforgettable and celebratory as ever for a diverse, eclectic and cosmopolitan membership. LA Members • 1 High Street • Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre, • London, W5 5DB Telephone: 020 8049 2250 • Email: • Website:

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