Destination Dance MV - February 25-26th 2023
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This takes place at the stag theatre Sevenoaks over two days. Please pop your name down and any solo/duet entries you'd like at this competition in the comment box. -------------- If you leave this blank solos will not be entered. ------ If you'd like to go for an overall title award - please write 'title' next to the solo you're trying with. It's a very high standard of competition - so I wouldn't advise as a place to do a first solo or just giving pieces that aren't polished and well rehearsed a try. ---------I'd actually say focus on one or two really strong solos, as entry fees are high. They do provide a score and feedback from judges at this competition - which is useful and is part of what you pay for. ------------ Fee breakdowns available below Solo £39.50 2:00 N/A Duet/ Trio (2-3 performers) £22 pp 2:45 N/A Small Group (4-9 performers) £10 pp Large Group (10+ performers) £10 pp DESTINATION DANCE Title and Costume Award £5.50 per entry The Dance Off £6 per person Spectator Tickets £7.50 pp all fees included Teachers, dance competitors and children under 5 Free
stag theatre - sevenoaks, sevenoaks, United Kingdom

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