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Elvis Sing Along & Hamburger BBQ! 12€
Niilovilla Studio
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Elvis Sing Along & Hamburger BBQ! 12€
Viva Las Vegas! Elvis Sing Along & Hamburger BBQ! 12€ at Wintti550. Come join a live band, The Monday Mix, and sing the Elvis classics! Feast on a meal of a hamburger and a couple of tasty side dishes. This is going to be an afternoon of fun, song and laughter in the ambiance of a country barn. Burger service begins at 12, the Elvis Sing Along begins at 14.00. Event includes one hamburger and two side dishes, plus a bottle of Coke. (Dessert with coffee extra 3€) * Organized by Niilovilla Studio and Wintti550 Hope you can join us! *You may BYOB, as alcohol will not be sold. Allergies or dietary concerns? Please contact us through email. Warmly, Suzanne
Kuruntie 550 - , 12240 Hausjärvi, Finland

Niilovilla Studio

Niilovilla Studio

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